Monthly Archives: February 2012

#44: 2/13/12

I started to show this movie in my Composition class on this date! Great film.


#43: 2/12/12

Admiring part of my gift from Mary!

#42: 2/11/12

Mary wondering which piece of her present she’ll eat first!

#41: 2/10/12

Since we’re in separate cities on V-Day this year, we thought it would be good to have some fun on the weekend instead!

#40: 2/9/12

Another Manhattan made, this time at my apartment. And it was damn tasty.

#39: 2/8/12

I got a free coffee today! It’s also very sunny this afternoon….

#38: 2/7/12

Kitty gonna pounce you for using book instead of iPad…

#37: 2/6/12

A message from my adviser: another step closer to finishing my Master’s thesis.

#36: 2/5/12

My younger nephew, Eli, eating some breakfast on Sunday morning.

#35: 2/4/12

My nephew, Gabe, sitting next to his birthday cake at his party.