Monthly Archives: June 2012

#142: 5/21/12

Why, ’tis a purple flower!


#141: 5/20/12

Guinness stress ball. And a nice photo!

#140: 5/19/12

Viewing the sunset from Huntington Beach. (c) Mary

#139: 5/18/12

Seats organized for John Carroll’s spring commencement.

#138: 5/17/12

It looks like a creepy head, but it’s a pipe if I’m not mistaken.

#137: 5/16/12

Two different flags in the basement. (USA and Slovakia)

#136: 5/15/12

Two mice.

#135: 5/14/12

Get me a shrubbery!

#134: 5/13/12

Wood carving of Grant in my parents’ basement.

#133: 5/12/12

View of the skyline from the east side at an end-of-year party for Case English dept.