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#244: 8/31/12


The most anticipated beer I bought in Belgium. Black Albert Batch 0. It was AMAZING!


#243: 8/30/12


The beginning of our office space!

#242: 8/29/12


Cayenne peppers me mum gave me from her garden!!!

#241: 8/28/12


Arak! (Lebanese version of raki, ouzo, name your favorite…)

#240: 8/27/12


Shepherd’s salad (with the addition of mushrooms).

#239: 8/26/12


Poor quality foto of the ‘new’ TV Mary and I bought from Wells!

#238: 8/25/12


The coffee I had before the first Saturday breakfast at my new place!

#237: 8/24/12


The oyster-infused beer the previous tenant left for us. It still has not been opened…

#236: 8/23/12


My coffee shelf in the kitchen!

#235: 8/22/12


The living room as it starts its filling-up.