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#60: 2/29/12

Not the best shot, but it will have to do for Leap Day. There’s a FROG in the picture! So there.


#59: 2/28/12

A close-up of the wall art in my apt: Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Edmund Fitzgerald.

#58: 2/27/12

And so Mary finds an ad we can all laugh at.

#57: 2/26/12

My hurricane glass that holds my loose change has not risen that high in the two years I’ve lived in Toledo; must use change frequently.

#56: 2/25/12

This has been on my dresser for a few years now. I noticed it once again today.

#55: 2/24/12

I had the Manhattan; she smelled the remnants of the bourbon.

#54: 2/23/12

A very strange phenomenon as Mary was cutting carrots for her soup.

#53: 2/22/12

An oscillating fan – not really in use in the bedroom at the moment.

#52: 2/21/12

The roof of the Field House in the late evening…

#51: 2/20/12

It’s actually 11:15pm. I never bothered turning my clocks back in November…