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#11: 1/11/12

The view from the third floor in the Field House at UT.


#10: 1/10/12

An image I found when leafing through my Composition textbook.

#9: 1/9/12

The coffeepot Mary got me for Christmas, now taking an important spot in my apartment…

#8: 1/8/12

Mary with her books. She finished her exams this day!

#7: 1/7/12

There is whiskey in that there glass.


#6: 1/6/12

View of the West Side Market in Ohio City on a balmy Friday night in January.

#5: 1/5/12

My parents still have their tree up!

#4: 1/4/12

Mary’s work station as she starts her exams tomorrow!

#3: 1/3/12

Looking outside at the snow, but wishing for a different climate.

#2: 1/2/12

Lake Effect begins…